How to Cook Spicy Fried Pork

you will need red onion,garlic,galangal,lemongrass,bay, tomatoes and chili

slice the red onion and garlic, cut the tomatoes into small pieces, slice the galangal

blend the chili as the picture shown

pork, choose the soft part... you can also use chicken or beef

cut the pork as the video has shown

we need soy sauce and white pepper powder to marinate the pork

after marinate the pork, set a side for 15 min

first we need to fried the pork in a hot oil

fried the pork untill golden in both side as the picture shown

add some water.... cook untill all the igredients are soft but dont overcooked

put in the pork, stir untill well combined

ready to be served.... enjoy😃

Watch the video: Cooking pork belly recipe with chili sauce

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