How to Make an Easy Mojito

First gather your supplies.

Start with an empty and completely dry cup. I use a shaker but a glass would probably work fine.

Tear the mint leaves and add them to the cup. It depends on how minty you like it and how big your drink is, but I would use about 8 leaves.

Add about a teaspoon of raw sugar.

Muddle the two ingredients.

Next add about half a small lime to the cup. They should be cut like this in order to get the maximum amount of lime juice.

Add it to your glass and muddle it again.

Add two shots of rum to a glass of ice. I also like this drink with vodka or whiskey...

Add your muddled lime, sugar and mint to your drink.

Instead of pouring the soda water straight into your glass, pour it into the mixer first so that you can get all the leftover lime, mint and sugar! Use sprite if you prefer your drink sweeter.

Shake it in the shaker, or use a spoon to mix it really well.

To make the drink even prettier, muddle some raspberries and add them to the mix.

Drink up! I recommend using a straw...

Watch the video: Watermelon Mojito

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