How to Use a Paper Journal Effectively

Introduction from Douglas E . Welch -

My current journal and a new Lego-themed Moleskine in waiting

Another well used journal from 2007-2008

Leave a few blanks pages at front for a Table of Contents you can create as you go.

I use my journals in both directions. Using them from front to back as a standard daily journal and from the back as topic specific pages

Working in both directions means you get the most use out of every page in your journal.

Topic specific pages are number according to this method -- prev page -- current page -- next page about this topic. In this way I can easily review a specific topic over a number of pages.

Example page showing prev -- current -- next page numbering system.

Chronological journal pages and topic specific pages meet in the middle when the journal is full.

Reviewing your old journals can help to ignite new thoughts or make use of old ideas.

Several of my old journals.

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