How to Do Cats Cradle

Pick up string with hands on the inside.

Put thumbs in the string.

Push down thumbs on the inside of string.

Fold hands inside the string.

Flip hands so thumbs face inwards and straighten string.

Take your pointer finger and tuck it under string. Do the same with the other pointer finger.

It ends up with x in the middle. If not try the steps again.

Have your friend grab the two x's then pull outside in.

Pull outwards then first person who started it must let go.

Now it should look like this and the second person should be holding it.

The first person should grab the side two x's.

Pull around the outside and then inside of the string.

You should end up like this with two rectangles.

Put your hands inside the middle of the two strings and pull out.

Now you will end up at step three once again.

Watch the video: String Tricks! How To Make A Shapeshifting Butterfly String Figure

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