How to Make Taiwanese Style Pork Ribs

The only measuring tool you need for this recipe. Of note- one Asian soup spoon is equivalent in volume to one tablespoon.

Let's introduce the players- the cooking wine.

Sugar (white will do equally well)

Apple cider vinegar

Soy sauce

And water

Cut the spare ribs into pieces.

Place into a pot.

Add 1 Asian spoon of cooking wine.

Add 2 Asian spoons of sugar

Add 3 Asian spoons of apple cider vinegar.

Add 4 Asian spoons of soy sauce.

Add 5 Asian spoons of water

It'll look like this - mix it up a little

Set stove to high.

After about five minutes, the meat should be somewhat cooked.

Bring the stove down to somewhere between low and low-medium.

Let it cook for 50 minutes.

After 50 minutes it should look like this- nice and browned.


Now turn the oven to high for the next step.


And let the ribs boil in their sauce. Cover the pot.



Cook until the sauce becomes very thick- about 3-4 minutes. Notice how as I tilt the pot the sauce on the right of the image appears viscous. This is when you can turn the stove off.


The stove is off!!


Now serve it up real nice- over rice, noodles, or as its own dish for family style sharing. (I wish I could share how good it smells!)

Watch the video: 12345 Pork Spareribs

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