How to Install an Otterbox Defender Case on an iPad

iPads are expensive, they need to be protected. Start by removing it from the box.

Oh look! Instructions! These amazing, detailed instructions inspired today's Snapguide.

Snap off the back.

Peel off the front rubber protective piece.

Just like that. Remove that silicone guardian, or as Charles refers to it, "the trim piece". After you have the case broken down, grab your iPad.

Luckily we have plenty of iPads laying around, I'm sure Jaydan won't mind us borrowing his. Slide the iPad into the plastic hold piece.

When that is in place, grab the hard plastic frame. Push the iPad up into the top piece to fit properly.

Grab the "trim piece" and start working it around the plastic frame. There are grooves to secure the protective covering into place. It's not easy is it? Press into place and rotate. Repeat.

See the little grooves? You really have to get everything working together in harmony here. Don't judge us, we made the sacrifice so you don't have to.

Looking good. Everything is in place

Ah! The stand! Not just for protection, it's a stand too? Let's check that out, turn this thing on! Whoa....

Uh Jaydan...big Enrique Iglesias fan? Just when you think you know somebody. "I will be your hero baby...!"

Prop it up.

Great stand for video streaming. Time to make Jaydan watch some Roadhouse.

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