How to Cook a Lowcarb Cold Zucchini + Cottage Cheese Soup


chop the onions. don't mind the size, we'll blend it in the end.

do the same for zucchinis

dissolve the solid vegetable broth in boiling water on a separate saucepan

cook the onions with the olive oil for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally

add the zucchinis and let them cook for 5 more minutes, in medium heat, stirring occasionally

add the garlic

salt and pepper

after 5 minutes, add 2 cups of vegetable broth to the zucchini pan

let it cook for 3 more minutes, until zucchini is softened

blend the mix until smooth

I like to blend hot liquids in parts

add 3 teaspoons of cottage cheese and blend it all together. correct salt and pepper before blending the soup for the last time.

and you're done. let it cool for 20 minutes before putting it in the fridge

and voila! finish it with a small wheat toast, cottage cheese, olive oil and pepper.

Watch the video: Keto Broccoli Cheese Soup. Full recipe in description

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