How to Make a Window Card

Get your supplies ready! (sorry, cardboard is not featured here)

Fold over two sheets of paper in half and use the scissors to cut a shape (any shape really, heart, circle, etc.) in the middle of one half, about an inch from the sides. Leave alone the other sheet.

Write your message inside the folded paper without the hole.

Cut pieces of cardboard into rectangles, glue and apply it to the inside of the card with the hole. You may stack more than one piece of cardboard on top of the other varying on the thickness desired.

Hot glue the last piece of paper that you haven't used yet to the pieces of cardboard. Then glue the piece you wrote on over both cards.

While the glue is setting, go and find a small twig, and clean off the sap with water and carefully break off any small stubs or sticks attached lower on the twig.

Crumple pieces of tissue paper (a little messy is fine) and glue to the branch with a hot glue gun, closer to the ends of the twig, giving an appearance of a budding flower. Let it the glue cool.

Fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist it but leave the end open in a little hoop to make a sort of head, then cut the tissue paper into wings and glue them on the body.

Glue the insect to the branch (don't cover the tissue buds), and glue the branch into the window of the card, sticking the ends under the first layer of paper so it looks like part of a longer branch

Other options• Use warm colored construction paper, a flower instead of the branch inside the window and place a little bee on it.

• Use red and black colors, a dark stick with a "web" made by using the glue gun glue across the branches in a web design, then place a spider made of pipe cleaners for a card excellent for Halloween.

Watch the video: How to make waterfall card easy

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