How to Make Gnocchi Carbonara

Wash the potatoes, put them into a pot of boiling water & cook till soft. Potato is ready when a chopstick can be easily poked through.

Remove the skin.

Smash them with a fork.

Sprinkle some flour on the working table & place meshed potato on top.

Open up a hole & add in the yolks

Sprinkle some more flour to start working on it.

Add more flour if it's too sticky/wet. It should look like this.

Knead them into little rolls & cut them into small pieces.

Roll them into little oval ball.

Using a fork, press & roll the ball onto the fork.

Fold the side over while rolling to the center to create the lines for the back.

It should look like this.

Put them into boiling water.

When it floats, it's ready.

Place the cooked gnocchi into a bowl with a little bit of olive oil so that they won't stick to each other.

To cook gnocchi carbonara, pour a little bit of oil into the heated pan.

Add in the chopped hotdogs. Bacon bits would be perfect but i ran out of it at home so this is replacement.

Add in the cooked gnocchi & oregano leaves, stir well.

Followed by whipped cream & cook till the sauce thickens. Season it with salt.


Watch the video: How to make Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce. Pasta Grannies

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