How to Make French Toast for Your Lactose Intolerant Baby

Gather your supplies, I use soy juice cause my 16 month old loves it! Feel free to use any juice you like

Crack egg and add a little soy milk or lactose free milk, juice and start mixing

Like that ;)

It's gonna look like this, make sure not to pour too much juice, cause if you do, your toast won't be fluffy.

Add cinnamon and mix well

Spray your vegetable oil into Pan or if your baby or you can tolerate a little butter go ahead and use a little bit then soak the bread and place in pan

If you don't use maple syrup for your baby a good idea and healthier is caramelized banana, it's really easy you just smash half a banana and place it in Pan for about a minute And a half

It looks like this and it's starts to smell delicious, that's when you know they are done!

Now you can smear it on the toast

And it looks like this

Enjoy!!! Hope you like it, my lactose intolerant baby loves it!!!!

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