How to Make Navy Nails

Using scotch tape for nail art can be a little tricky, but i'll share my tips so you can handle this technique in no time!

Here you can see the colors and materials I used.

Apply a base coat to protect your nails.

Apply two coats of white nail polish and let it dry completely. I waited for like an hour before using the scotch tape.

Press the scotch against your clothes so the glue wears out, that way your white nail polish won't be removed. Cut stripes and place them on your nails, press really well on the edges of each nail.

I recommend to do this nail by nail, so the scotch stays as less possible on each nail. Add a generous layer of blue polish and remove as soon as you've painted your nail, stripe by stripe, carefully.

Once your nails are completely dry. You can draw hearts on each one with the bamboo skewer. I do some sort of "V" letter, start with the left side, up to down.

Then join the right side of the "V" and fill in the heart. Since the heart is not actually flat, you really need to wait a long time for it to dry out. But it's totally worth it!

And now you're done. You can finish with a top coat if you want. Hope you liked this guide and give it a try.

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