How to Draw Still Life

First get everything ready. You will need a pencil, coloured pencils, a4 paper, a rubber and possibly a sharpener. It is best to start in a light room where you can concentrate.

Next get something to draw, like this apple. Flowers are the obvious choice, but they can be quite tricky to get right. This apple is the perfect choice for a beginner.

Now you're ready to start drawing! It is important, when drawing objects, to look at the thing you are drawing regularly, not just make things up!

First get the basic shape to build up to the perfect picture.

This is the tricky part. Shading gives the picture a texture, more excitement. An apple is completely smooth, but if your item has grooves make them darker or lighter to make it more effective.

This is my apple so far. I have included the shading and some sheen to make my drawing look more effective. I have also added in the stem of the apple while I was at it.

Now for the fun part! LET'S ADD COLOUR!!

You might need to draw harder where you've shaded the shadow.

Here I have added the shadow of the apple, harder nearer the apples base, lighter more far away, slowly reducing to nothing.

And there's my perfect picture! You can use my techniques for many other still life pictures, even ones that come straight out of your imagination!

Watch the video: Still Life Drawing in Pencil - Timelapse

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