How to Make an Adjustable Knot

Make your bracelet.

Tie a knot about 2 inches down from the end of the bracelet. Repeat on other side.

Position bracelet as pictured above.

This will be familiar if you've made hemp jewelry before. Take the string on the far left and cross it over the string on the far right. Then go around the back, through the loop, and tighten it.

Take the far left and go under the ends and over the far right which goes over the ends and under the far left. Pull tight.

Do the opposite. Far right goes under the ends and over the far left. Tighten. Remember to alternate or it will be twisty.

Cut off the end fairly close, cover it in glue, trim it down so that only a little is left, then put some more glue on top.

An adjustable knot!

Watch the video: How to Make a Sliding Knot single knot - jewelry making tutorial

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