How to Make a Duct Tape Bow

Take a roll of duct tape.

Cut a piece maybe three or four inches long.

Take another piece the same length and place it half way over the other sheet, sticky sides together.

Flip over and fold the bottom piece up.

Cut another piece of tape and place it over the sticky side.

Flip it over again!

Fold down the top flap!

Trim the sides.

Fold in half, hot dog style.

With it still folded, take the edge on top and fold it up, hot dog style.

It's hard to see, but with it still folded flip it over and do the same thing.

It should look like this.

And when you let it go, it should look like an accordion.

Now, cut a smallish piece of tape. Maybe...half an inch in width.

Pinch together the middle!

(awkward hand position) Take the tape and wrap it around the middle!

Done. :)

Watch the video: How to make a duct tape bow

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